There's a thin line between love and hate... It's even thinner between love and money.

Tru is ready to move on. Leave her old ways and her old life behind. 
But first she has to finish one last job.
Stealing has always been easy and this time should be no different.
But then he shows up. Will could destroy everything. Take Tru's chance to start over and ruin any hope she has to live a happy life.
Just like he did last time.
She won't let him take that from her. 
Not again. 
Will thought he was over her.
Walking away from Tru was the worst thing he's ever done. And he's done some terrible things.
He only did it for her. To give her a chance to be normal. To be happy. To get away from the life he dragged her into.
To keep her safe.
But here she is.
Still beautiful. Still perfect.
Still thieving.
This time she's in over her head and he'll to anything to protect her.
Just like he did last time.
Gretchen's custom jewelry business is thriving, she's about to become an aunt, and the ends of her hair finally stopped breaking off. 
When her best friend from college calls out of the blue inviting her to spend a week on her boyfriend's new yacht Gretchen is sure things couldn't get any better. There's only one problem. 
The rescued German Shepherd is her baby but this baby has teeth and isn't afraid to use them. Unfortunately the only man in town qualified to handle the out of control pup makes Gretchen want to stab something with a spork.
Him mostly.
Now she's got two options.
Miss out on the trip of a lifetime or suck it up and try to avoid falling all over a man who's made it clear his interest in her is limited. 
But he'd be so much fun to fall on. 
Pink damn hair haunts Cooper's dreams.
Gretchen is the kind of woman nightmares are made of. The kind that ruin a good night's sleep and leave a man strung tight, wishing he could go back in time. 
Because that woman holds a grudge against him with a death grip.
One he'd love to pry from her glitter-tipped fingers and show her she has nothing to be upset about. 
At least not in the way she thinks.
When she asks for help training her beloved shepherd, that chance might be now. 
Except Duchess hates him more than Gretchen does.
And the trip sounds too good to be true.

Luke is half a man.
Beatrice is all woman.
The kind of woman he shouldn’t dare want. Not with what he lost.
But the way she looks at him fosters a hope he hasn’t felt in way too long. Like she sees more than what’s missing.
Or maybe like it doesn’t matter.
But it does matter. His body isn’t the only thing that’s broken and no woman deserves the hell his mind puts him through every day.
And all night.
Unless he can find a way to get past it, this is it for him. Half a man.
Half a life.
Beatrice can’t figure out where it all went wrong. Somewhere in the last ten years she lost herself. Her hopes. Her dreams.
Her worth.
She has to find that person she used to be. For herself.
For Luke.
He saved her. Protected her when she didn’t deserve protecting. Treated her like more than the object she’d allowed herself to become. Showed her how a real man carries himself while he carried her from the biggest mistake of her life.
But the haunted look in his eyes keeps her up at night.
She could help him.
If she could just figure out how to help herself.