I expected it to be easy when Kerri's daddy ordered me to protect her, but keeping the president's daughter safe was harder than I expected. Hell, finding her was harder than I expected. Once I did, all I could do was grab her and hold on tight.
If I let go, she gets hurt.
If I don't, I'm the one on the line.


I thought I got away.
Breaking free of my father's ties was the hardest thing I've ever done--until now. The past I tried to bury is back and it looks a whole lot better than I remember. But that's not the life I want. I can't go back.
I won't.
No matter how enticing the lure.

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Six months ago my whole world fell apart. I lost everything I thought I had in the blink of an eye. But none of it was ever mine, not really.
Not sure I wanted it to be.
There’s only one thing I want to be mine now, and it’s a woman who didn’t bat an eye at taking me down.
But being around me isn’t safe.
King’s back with a vengeance, ready to bring the fires of hell down on us for what we did, and his sights are set on what matters to each of us most.
For me, that’s Shelly.


Hawk isn’t my normal kind of man. I’m not sure he’s anyone’s normal kind of man.
He’s huge. And snarly. And wild.
And damned if I can stay away from him.
He’s probably bad for me and I don’t care. I’ve played it safe my whole life and now I’m ready for a little danger in my days.
But the danger surrounding Hawk isn’t exactly what I had in mind.
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