Thirty years ago Nancy had to make a choice.
She chose wrong.
Now, with her life feeling more than a little empty, all she can think about is that one wrong decision and how things could have been different.
And not just for her.
Paul's never gotten past the one night Nancy Richards was almost his. It's colored every relationship he's tried to have and every choice he's made. Now she's been thrust back into his life by association and circumstance.
And he still can't bring himself to try to make her his.
Will the man Nancy hurt all those years ago find the strength to put his heart back on the line for her, or is she destined to spend the rest of her life wishing for what should have been?
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Is the town asshole really as bad as they say?
Beth is trying to get her life back together after the death of her husband leaves her drowning in both his debts and his lies. Add on juggling motherhood and a full-time teaching job and you have a recipe for disaster. And Beth can't cook. 
Don couldn't catch a break if it fell in his hand.
He fought for everything he ever had and still managed to lose every bit of it. His job. His nice apartment. His reputation. His self-respect. Now he's vowed never to push that hard to get anything again.
But when he sees Beth struggling in a way he finds all too familiar, Don can't stop himself from trying to save her from the same fate his mother endured, even at the risk of losing the only thing he has left.
His heart.
Now he's faced with a choice. Walk away from the only person who has ever really seen him as he is or decide some things are worth fighting for.

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A happy twist inspired by a tragic favorite. Two feuding families, a set of star-crossed lovers, and enough tinsel to choke a reindeer.
Ellie Carroll just moved home after spending seven wonderful years on her own and far away from her overbearing and frequently overwhelming parents. Now they expect her to fix their failing business and go back to being the agreeable daughter they remember. Too bad Ellie’s not that same girl anymore.
Or is she?
All Doug Firr wants is to take care of his family. If turning his parents small Christmas tree farm into a lucrative multi-outlet business also proves the woman who broke his heart wrong, then so be it. When a pretty newcomer rolls into town Doug thinks his luck with love might be about to change. Except Ellie’s not new. She’s the daughter of the couple who’ve been throwing bad business accusations his way for years.
When the Carrolls learn of their daughter’s clandestine relationship, Ellie and Doug will discover the dramatically dysfunctional extents her parents will go to in order to win their daughter back.
If you love Hallmark holiday movies and sweet and clean romance you won’t want to miss Carrolls and Firrs.